Boxer Template Explained
Project Breakdowns

Boxer Template Explained

Boxer is a self resizable, auto-scalable text boxes template. It allows you to break the text into multiple lines, while increasing or decreasing number of lines based on characters per line (which you can set on your own), with shapes underneath. Live preview available for every settings change.Update texts in the layer inside chosen composition… AND THATS IT.

Video Content:

00:05 - Intro

02:30 - Project Structure

03:25 - Color Controls

04:30 - Boxes Controls

06:30 - Text Controls

10:35 - Text Boxes Positioning

12:40 - Text Boxes Animation1

15:50 - Text Boxes Animation2

17:05 - Local Controls

19:40 - Outro

Link to the template:

Template is especially useful for social media posts and dynamic, data driven videos production. Characters per line setup allows dynamically assign text, yet keep it all growing to next line automatically.

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1. Fully responsive multi-line text boxes template

2. No plugins required

3. Easy to customise and adapt

4. Suitable for your subtitles, titles, lower thirds, paragraphs or any other text with boxes visualisations!

5. Just add your phrase and control it with sliders, LIVE

Set characters per line.

6. Works with idents, all caps, all letters & symbols

7. Split text into up to 10 lines

8. Grow your text from any area of the screen: top, center, bottom and left, center, right for each placement.

9. Three-way color editing: master for all comps(1), comp based(2), line based(3)

10. Control colors, the look & the feel of texts and boxes.

11. No need to re-run anything

12. Perfect for dynamic approaches.

13. Resolution independent

14. In-depth documentation included, with all controllers explanation

If you are interested in building motion design systems, which would allow dynamic videos creation on the fly - do not hesitate to get in touch. This and a few other projects in my portfolio allowed to greatly expand the knowledge in the field.

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