Learn AE Expressions

Set Anchor Point to Dynamically Re-Adjust Based on Content

This Adobe After Effects tutorial explains how to learn setting anchor point dynamically through expressions. Especially useful for text placement to make it stick.

Hello everyone. How many times you had faced situations, when updated assets in the project caused some messed-up anchor points with your designs? While with the latest Adobes released versions its becoming easier to update - why to bother at all dealing with this manually? All you need to do is to apply expression to anchor point or/and position, and this will be your long term safe bet for that item. Video will cover expression technique to set anchor point dynamically.

If you are interested to hear more from me about After Effects, just feel free to signup for a future updates at my website and subscribe to the channel on Youtube. My promise is to go into more advanced approaches in the long run.

Thanks for your time, and hope to see you around

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